Transform Your Home With a New Country Kitchen

Are you considering remodeling your kitchen into a country kitchen? Your first steps are the same as with any kitchen renovation: determine your remodeling needs and budget. Next, think about what era you want your country kitchen to suggest. Pick a color palette and consider some of the suggestions below.

Hanging Pot Rack: A feature in many country designs, a hanging pot rack suspended over an island or peninsula is often a centerpiece of the kitchen. For a true country feel, get a rack which is big enough to accommodate hanging sprigs of spice or drying vegetables.

Cupboards: A staple of many country kitchens is glass door cabinets. Since a lot of country decor includes collectibles and knick-knacks, those glass cupboards will provide space to display your treasures.

Recycling: Re-using or re-purposing materials isn’t just eco-friendly; it’s also economical. Visit flea markets, Craigslist, antique stores, and yard sales to find doors, cupboards, or furniture that you can incorporate into your new kitchen. You might even find the perfect old enameled or stone sink. Old timbers lend a country feel without removing trees from our forests.

Minimize the Modern: You can incorporate modern appliances, but that doesn’t mean they have to stick out like sore thumbs. Many dishwashers and refrigerators allow you to place a wooden panel on the doors, helping them blend in with your cupboards. You can even conceal your range hood behind paneling or other decorative touches.

Flooring: Natural flooring materials such as hardwood planks or flagstone can add an authentic country feel to your new kitchen. Alternatively you can go for a checkerboard pattern with linoleum or ceramic tiles. A braided rug is another great touch!

Materials: Think about natural materials and colors when choosing fixtures, drawer pulls, and furniture. Popular materials include copper, rubbed bronze, wood (the more rustic the better), granite, stone, enamel, and burlap.