Transform Your Home With a New Country Kitchen

Are you considering remodeling your kitchen into a country kitchen? Your first steps are the same as with any kitchen renovation: determine your remodeling needs and budget. Next, think about what era you want your country kitchen to suggest. Pick a color palette and consider some of the suggestions below.

Hanging Pot Rack: A feature in many country designs, a hanging pot rack suspended over an island or peninsula is often a centerpiece of the kitchen. For a true country feel, get a rack which is big enough to accommodate hanging sprigs of spice or drying vegetables.

Cupboards: A staple of many country kitchens is glass door cabinets. Since a lot of country decor includes collectibles and knick-knacks, those glass cupboards will provide space to display your treasures.

Recycling: Re-using or re-purposing materials isn’t just eco-friendly; it’s also economical. Visit flea markets, Craigslist, antique stores, and yard sales to find doors, cupboards, or furniture that you can incorporate into your new kitchen. You might even find the perfect old enameled or stone sink. Old timbers lend a country feel without removing trees from our forests.

Minimize the Modern: You can incorporate modern appliances, but that doesn’t mean they have to stick out like sore thumbs. Many dishwashers and refrigerators allow you to place a wooden panel on the doors, helping them blend in with your cupboards. You can even conceal your range hood behind paneling or other decorative touches.

Flooring: Natural flooring materials such as hardwood planks or flagstone can add an authentic country feel to your new kitchen. Alternatively you can go for a checkerboard pattern with linoleum or ceramic tiles. A braided rug is another great touch!

Materials: Think about natural materials and colors when choosing fixtures, drawer pulls, and furniture. Popular materials include copper, rubbed bronze, wood (the more rustic the better), granite, stone, enamel, and burlap.

Budget Decorating – Give Your Home a Brand New Look on a Budget

Imagination and creativity rule when it comes to redecorating your home. Whether you’d like to change the decor of your house to elegant and sophisticated; wild and funky or rustic and casual don’t let your bank balance stop you from acquiring the house of your dreams. Unleash your creativity; let your imagination roam unbridled and watch your interiors transform right before your eyes!

Is your bank balance stopping you from redecorating your home and giving it a new and fresh look? With these tips, you don’t need a bank-breaking budget to revive your jaded decor. A savvy sense of style combined with a keen eye and healthy dose of creativity are the resources you need to give your house a brand new look on a budget.

Redecorating your walls

Give your walls a fresh new lease by decorating them with carefully chosen borders, decorative stenciling and eye-catching murals. No need to do up the entire wall; unless of course, the wall paint is beginning to look a bit jaded or perhaps the walls are covered with crayon marks and little smudges of chocolate and jelly. While a new coat of paint can freshen and brighten up the wall, it would still end up looking the same. Opt instead for creative paint finishes or textured wallpaper, which will give your walls an interesting new look; albeit in the same color.

Use Fabric

Change the look of the whole room with a savvy use of fabric. While your basic furniture remains the same, a mere change of coverings and curtains can alter the look of the room dramatically. Ivory colored cushion-covers and curtains in rich satiny or velvety fabrics can make the room look luxuriously elegant, whereas dainty floral printed covers and curtains make the room look casual yet chic and bold prints in bright colors give the room a funky look. Different fabric textures and styles can add instant cheer to an unadorned window, drama to a bespoke lampshade and warmth and comfort to a pillow.

Use Accessories

Add interest to your furnishings with trimmings and edgings; fastenings and surface decorations. Accent lampshades, tablecloths and cushion covers with beads and sequins, faux crystals and silk flowers, fabric paints and fun stencils. Add tassels and rich tie backs for curtains. Give old furniture a new look by staining or painting. Decorate the furniture using stencils with fun patterns for an all-over design or a dainty, continuous design to create a stunning border.

Use Nature

A profusion of wild flowers is just the thing to brighten up any room and infuse new energy and life into any room they are put in. What’s more they are free and abundantly available. Just gather them by the armful and place a bouquet in every room. While a bouquet of wild flowers in a multitude of hues will bring instant cheer to any room, a bouquet of wild flowers in one color will give the room an understated elegance. If you live along the coast, collect driftwood and seashells. Placing them in baskets or arranging them on tables and counter tops will give the rooms a refreshingly new look and feel. Luscious red apples, cheery oranges, deep red strawberries or dark purple grapes; a bowl of fresh fruits placed on the table will add a jolt of warm color in your dining room.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Has your furniture been in the same spot ever since you moved into your home? It’s amazing how different you can make the room look by merely re-arranging the furniture. While you may want to keep your dining table in the dining room, the bed in the bedroom and the sofa set in the living room; you can give the room a new look by moving the furniture to new locations. Try out new placements that you never thought were possible. Move smaller pieces of furniture and accent pieces around to different rooms and try out different combinations that you never dared try out before. The possibilities are endless and it won’t cost you a dime.